Prince Harry ‘racked up £30,000 bill’ on Las Vegas party trip which saw him pictured naked ‘but billionaire hotel boss Steve Wynn wiped the slate clean’

Prince Harry racked up a bill of over £30,000 during an infamous stay at a hotel in Las Vegas but never had to pay it, claims a royals biographer.

Katie Nicholl, who wrote Harry: Life, Loss, and Love, said that the billionaire owner of the hotel, Steve Wynn, simply waived the bill when the Prince went to settle it.

Appearing in the Channel 5 documentary, Spending Secrets of the Royals, Nicholl claimed that during his 2012 stay at The Wynn Hotel, the Prince ran up the bill.

She said: ‘Steve Wynn, the owner of the hotel Harry was staying in, just wiped the slate clean.

The Prince pictured in 2012, leaving a party at 1.30 am before heading to a bar in Mayfair 

The barman called for the manager to see exactly what to do about this transaction and the bill was waived,’ said Nicholl after revealing that Harry had tried to pay with his Army ID card.

The amounts accrued on those two nights of partying paled in insignificance to what is likely to be the largest bill ever footed by Prince Harry.

‘Harry and Meghan’s wedding cost over £32million,’ Nicholl said on the Channel 5 show.

Prince Harry on a 2006 night out at the Cuckoo Club in London

No stranger to splashing out on booze, the alcohol at the wedding alone cost nearly £200,000 according to the biographer.

Breaking down the cost of Royal Wedding last May, she said: ‘The majority would have gone on security, which was the biggest single expenditure.

‘£286,000 or thereabouts was spent on catering for the evening event, £193,000 on drink alone, a further £100,000 on the flowers which beautifully adorned St George’s Chapel and then £387,000 on Meghan’s wedding dress.’

She added that the total for the wedding was ‘over £32million.’

The documentary also reveals that the Queen Mother also lived extravagantly during her years at Clarence House, leaving behind an overdraft with Coutss bank of £4m.

Katie Nicholl added that this ‘was left to the Queen to clear.’

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